Processing time varies depending on order size, but please allow 3-6 days to hand-dye, plus shipping speed.
Though we are always looking for ways to lower our impact and footprint, we currently use synthetic dyes to ensure color quality. We are hoping to have a botanical line soon.

To clean your silks, fill a freshly cleaned sink with cool water.Add a small amount of gentle detergent, even better if you can find detergent for silks, but not necessary. Place your silk in the water and gently agitate to reach all areas. When you have finished washing,empty water and fill the sink with fresh water. Again, gently agitate to remove all the soap. Once done, remove your silk from the water.

Be sure to never wring or squeeze out excess water. Instead, lay your scarf on a flat cotton towel, and roll your scarf and gently press. Now you are ready to hang your scarf on a drying rack or on a clothesline. Be sure to not dry in bright direct sunlight if hanging outside. When done drying, you can iron on low to remove any wrinkles.

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